Yaritza Pineiro is a visual artist based in New York. Her compositions explore cultural identity and postcolonial effects in the Dominican Republic. As an artist, Pineiro strives to honor the Afro-Latino experience by creating works highlighting the complexity of Afro-Latino lives. She researches Dominican history as a means to understand her culture and the corruption within it. This research is implemented in her art processes. It allows her to celebrate her culture while simultaneously analyzing and critiquing problematic aspects. Some examples of these issues would be gender norms, colorism, and the divide between Haiti and the Dominican Republic due to the effects of colonialist beliefs. Pineiro’s work honors marginalized people in Dominican culture. These are lives that are deemed unimportant yet crucial to the progression of our livelihood. People of African descent have contributed to Dominican culture. They have played an essential role in the foundation & financial stability of the country. The sugar industry & tourism in the Dominican Republic are proof of that. These forms of revenue would not thrive without the black workers contributing to its success. Her work is also deeply rooted in exploring the hierarchies within Dominican families. Doing so begins a narrative around the disregard for women & the gender roles that are imposed on them. Gender roles prevent education, societal change, & progression. The lack of knowledge and critical thinking around these issues drives Pineiro to create.
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